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About Us

The Broad Street Market provides a nurturing platform for local entrepreneurs, small business owners, and artisans to showcase their craft. By offering a brick-and-mortar presence without the extensive overhead costs, the market empowers individuals to bring their dreams to life. With its rich history (dating back to 1860), diverse vendors, and vibrant atmosphere, the Broad Street Market holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. The Broad Street Market is more than a collection of stalls; it’s a living embodiment of Harrisburg’s history, culture, and community spirit. In every way, the Broad Street Market stands as a symbol of Harrisburg’s past, present, and future—a place where stories are told, relationships are forged, and the heart of the community beats strong.

Brick Building Fire

In the early morning hours of July 10, 2023, a fire sparked inside the Broad Street Market’s brick building. Within minutes, the building was destroyed, and the lives of dozens of staff and vendors, not to mention the community as a whole, changed instantly. The Harrisburg Bureau of Fire determined in its initial investigation the fire to have started accidentally by an electrical issue with a fan. In the hours, days, and weeks to follow, local leaders including Governor Shapiro and Mayor Williams vowed to work together to not only rebuild the brick building, but temporarily replace with a tent structure on site. 

Temporary Tent Market

Since the fire in July, the City of Harrisburg has worked with the Broad Street Market to establish a temporary tent market. In September, the City broke ground on the plot of land owned by business owner Josh Kesler at 3rd & Verbeke, across from the stone building. A 5,000 square foot tent was erected, with room for 22 vendors. Each Wednesday, brick building vendors met with City and Market officials to get an update. Since then, supply chain issues and contractor availability have slowed the process down to complete the temporary tent market.

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Have a question or concern about the construction of the temporary tent market or the brick building? Click this link to fill out a form: Broad Street Market Question Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Broad Street Market?

The City of Harrisburg has owned the two buildings and surrounding property known as the Broad Street Market. However, the property has been leased to the Broad Street Market Alliance, a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization responsible for the day-to-day operation of the property. The Broad Street Market Alliance’s mission is to preserve the architectural and historic character and the function of the Broad Street Market as an urban, public market serving the City of Harrisburg and the surrounding region. The organization’s objectives include making a wide variety of produce, meat, fish, bakery, dairy products, and other raw and prepared foods accessible, fostering diversity, educating the community about food production, providing a venue for non-food vendors, and achieving financial self-sufficiency.

Why hasn't work started on the Brick Building?

Insurance companies representing 22 separate vendors had control of the Brick Building until early November. Now that control has been ceded back to the City of Harrisburg, the City is in the process of putting out a request for proposals on an architect. Those interested in learning more about the process can email [email protected]

Why is the Broad Street Market currently fundraising if the building was insured?

There are three levels of insurance: the vendors, the Market, and the City of Harrisburg, all had insurance. The City owns the historic property and leases it to the Broad Street Market Alliance. Therefore, the organization has renters’ insurance to protect its property and items inside the buildings. The vendors also have insurance for their businesses. Fundraising helps bridge the gaps in insurance coverage and covers expenses for creating a more sustainable, safe, and community-serving space. The Broad Street Market lost 70% of its revenue due to the fire, and bills have continued as they must also maintain the Stone Building.

Why aren't donations going directly to the vendors of the Brick Building?
Donations made to the Broad Street Market are used for various purposes to support the overall recovery, sustainability, and improvement of the market, which benefits all vendors and the community as a whole. The funds raised help cover gaps in insurance, support infrastructure enhancements, and ensure the market’s continued viability, including assistance for the vendors.
Do you want to submit a bid?
If you want to submit a bid, please proceed to Office of Purchasing – City of Harrisburg (harrisburgpa.gov)