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Lead Safe Program

About The Program

Our mission is to protect children and families from dangerous lead-based paint hazards and other household hazards. The Lead Safe Program offers assistance to low and moderate- income families, as well as Rental Property Owners, in making their homes lead-safe for children. The Program has made over 800 homes lead-safe since 1995. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or property owner, the safety of our community’s children is of the greatest concern. Protect them by making sure no child will be exposed to lead hazards while at your home.


The Lead Program is temporarily closed to new applications.  The City of Harrisburg will soon be applying for a new round of funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development so this important program can continue.  Please check back.

It is important to keep our children safe from lead-based paint hazards.  Lead poisoning is entirely preventable.  Please use the resources on this page to educate yourself about this important issue.

What is the Lead Safe Program?

The City of Harrisburg Department of Building and Housing is administering a Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration grant (LHRD) funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for qualifying residents (tenants and homeowners) within the city limits. This three-and-a-half-year grant operating through June 2023 aims to complete work in 230 housing units to make them Lead Safe. If you are eligible for the Lead Safe Home Program, we will provide an FREE Lead Inspection and Risk Assessment on your property. Some of the lead safe services include:

Window Replacements  |  Door Replacements  |  Paint Stabilization  |  Minimal structural repair  |  Identify and address health and safety hazards in the home (HHA)


  • The LHRD program is not a rehab program. It is intended to eliminate or control lead-based paint hazards. However, some funding may be available for minor Non-Lead Healthy Home improvements and repair work
  • Work is performed by Pennsylvania-certified lead abatement contractors and workers
  • Call (717) 255-6419 or email [email protected] or [email protected] for additional information

Property located within the Harrisburg city limits, and:

  • Was built before 1978
  • Have a child under 6 years of age residing OR visiting a significant amount of time (minimum 60 hours a year) Or a pregnant female that resides in the property
  • Property Taxes and home insurance are current
  • Total maximum income limits for qualifying families are listed below

Household Size & Maximum Income

Household Size Maximum Household Income
1 $55,900
2 $63,900
3 $71,900
4 $79,850
5 $86,250
6 $92,650
7 $99,050
8 $105,450

*Eligibility is also based on the condition of your home and estimated cost of addressing lead hazards


  • Descargue e imprima una copia en papel de la aplicación desde nuestra página web aquí
  • Visite nuestra oficina ubicada en 10 calle segundo, Suite 206 para recoger y completar una aplicación en persona
  • Llámenos al 717-255-6419 para que una aplicación sea enviada por correo a su domicilio
  • Visite a uno de nuestros socios de la comunidad, el LHACC, ubicada en 1301 calle Derry para obtener una copia de la aplicación del programa y asistencia para completar un formulario de pre-elegibilidad

Why is Lead so Dangerous for Children? – Lead Poisoning Resources for Parents and Families

The primary goal of Harrisburg’s Lead-safe program is to remove and contain lead hazards in the home. Learn more about what lead sources may exist and what harm they can do to you and your family.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lead Hazard Reduction mean?

Lead Hazard Reduction is activity intended to control and/or eliminate lead-based paint (LBP) hazards by means of interim controls and abatement.

  • Interim controls are measures intended to reduce exposure to lead-based paint and which must be maintained in the future to prevent the hazards from returning.
  • Abatement is a set of measures intended to permanently eliminate LBP hazards.
If my children are all 6 years old or older can I still participate?

Possibly. However, most homes follow the HUD grant guidelines state that there must be a child under 6 years old either living in or visiting frequently at the property. Homes with documented visiting children and daycares (eligible in some circumstances) will be accepted. The home also qualifies if someone in the home is pregnant.

Is it “really free” to participate in the Lead Safe Program?

Yes! All qualified applicants will benefit from the lead hazard, removal, and containment work with no costs to them – all program activities (including Healthy Home Repairs) are free to the tenants, homeowners, and landlords. This program is intended to remove lead hazards that affect children in the City with as little barrier to participation as possible.

Is there anything the applicants or occupants need to do prior to the work start date?

Yes, we will ask that you prepare the work space prior to the start of lead removal/containment. Window dressings, furniture, and wall décor near work spaces must be removed or covered. Large furniture such as shelves, desks, beds, etc. must be moved least six feet away from the walls and work spaces. Having a clear workspace will ensure that the occupants’ possessions are safe and that the contractors are able to do their work properly. You do not have to cover your possessions with plastic, the contractors will do that as a part of their initial containment procedures.

What is a lead-based paint risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a surface by surface inspection of painted areas inside and outside of the home.  A detailed report is generated from which the work specifications are made.

Will I have to relocate while work is being completed?

Due to the toxic nature of lead all work must follow regulations to keep the workers and occupants safe.  In most cases you must leave the property while work is in progress. Our Client Logistics Manager will discuss relocation options and stipends with you.

How long does the work take?

Most lead safe jobs take from 4 days up to two weeks.  The entire process from application to clearance takes approximately three to four months.

What if I have a deteriorated window that does NOT contain lead?

Usually only surfaces that have been identified as a lead hazard are eligible for interim controls or abatement.  However, some funding may be available to address non-lead Healthy Homes improvements and repair work.

It sounds like a lot of work to participate in the program. Is it worth it?

YES! Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or property owner, the safety of our community’s kids is of the greatest concern. What better way to protect them than by making sure that no child will be exposed to lead hazards while at your home?

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