Dauphin County Commissioners

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Dauphin County Commissioners  Mike Pries, Chad Saylor, and George P. Hartwick, III are essentially the CEOs of the county, with authority over budgets and finance, debts, contracts, appointment of department heads and staff in departments that report directly to the board, as well as appointments to the many authorities, commissions and boards. Commissioners are elected to four-year terms.

The Commissioners work as a team with the elected county row officers as well as the courts, law enforcement and other first responders to ensure the safety of our community. The Commissioners are responsible for emergency preparedness for efforts such as the COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic and emergency weather events. The commissioners also oversee the Dauphin County Prison and serve on its board of directors.

In recent years, the Commissioners have led Pennsylvania’s 67 counties in developing new ways to promote economic development, help municipalities attack blight and fix aging bridges and infrastructure, and preserve open space – all without putting an additional burden on taxpayers.

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Daupin County Commissioners


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