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About Us

The Office of Parking Enforcement focuses on providing residents of the City of Harrisburg a clean, safe, user friendly parking environment with an emphasis on the quality of facilities and professional services.

Through the use of modern parking technologies and effective management of on-street spaces, garage parking facilities and surface lots, we are committed to efficiency and safety, allowing us to provide residents and visitors a value added service unlike any other in our greater metropolitan area while maintaining ourselves as a self-supporting entity.

The Office of Parking Enforcement in conjunction with SP+ Municipal Services is responsible for the management, operation, and maintenance of all City-owned parking spaces. Services such as Resident, Downtown, and Business Parking Permits are offered to enhance satisfaction and convenience. The Parking Department and SP+ Municipal Services work together to manage the on-street parking via multi-space kiosks, metered surface lots, and time restricted parking areas.

SP+ Municipal Services is responsible for the collection and maintenance of the kiosks that manage and meter over 1,000 spaces in the downtown district area. The Office of Parking Enforcement maintains all parking activities outside of SP+ Municipal Services downtown district territory. The Office of Parking Enforcement’s Officers patrol kiosk, metered, and restricted parking areas and serve as the front line for customer service and parking enforcement.

Contact Us

123 Walnut Street, Suite 217
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: 311

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain A Parking Permit?

You obtain a parking permit from the Parking Enforcement office at the City Government Center. Please contact them at 717-255-3141

Who Issues Monthly Parking Permits For Garages?

Standard Parking/Park Harrisburg. Please contact them at 717-234-2274

When is my street cleaning day?

Visit the street cleaning map and type your full address into the search bar. Information pertaining to your street cleaning day will propagate automatically.