{HARRISBURG} — Amtrak is starting an important track renewal on the Harrisburg Line which connects the capital city to Lancaster.

This critical passenger and freight corridor serves more than a half-million rides ever year. Investments are made to keep it safe, reliable, and beneficial to the region.

Amtrak is currently working on a nine-month long project, renewing railroad tracks on the Harrisburg Line, between Harrisburg and Lancaster. This renovation project will modernize this section of tracks. Amtrak plans to replace deteriorating wood ties with new concrete ties, rail and ballast. Once completed the work performed will improve ride quality, increase service reliability and complete necessary work required to keep the tracks in a state of good repair for many decades.

Amtrak work on the Harrisburg Line

In a press release, Amtrak outlined a construction schedule on the Harrisburg line, as well as what rail users and local residents can expect during the construction period.

Estimated construction schedule, weather permitting:

  • March 15 through June 12, work will be underway between Harrisburg and Middletown, PA
  • May 13 through December 20, work will be underway between Middletown to Elizabethtown, PA
  • July 12– December 6, work will be underway between Mount Joy and Lancaster, PA

Here is what you should expect during construction:

  • Construction crews working along the railroad during daytime hours.
  • An increase in the number of construction vehicles in your community as a result of the work.
  • Due to the nature of this work and equipment being used, expect periods of construction activity with an increase in noise levels in and around the construction site.
  • There will be activity and LED lights used at night for the repositioning of railroad equipment.
  • Federal regulations require that an audible warning be sounded by trains and watchmen/lookouts when equipment approaches construction sites, as a safety requirement. As a result, during construction, there will be periods of time when you will hear trains sounding horns while passing through the construction area. We are aware that this is an inconvenience and are working with our crews to do what we can to mitigate the noise, while staying compliant with Federal regulations. 

For train service information during this construction period, please visit Amtrak.com.




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