The Broad Street Market’s temporary brick building home will open in a matter of weeks as this week, vendors start moving into the temporary tent.

For the last month, plumbers from McClure Company, electricians from KCS Electric, and members of the local carpenters union have worked in concert to get the vendor space portion of the tent ready for vendors to move in. On Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26, vendors began installing their sinks and handwashing stations. They have told the city they will need three to five weeks to get their areas ready for the public.

A final decision on when the tent market will open will be made by the Broad Street Market Alliance.

While vendors start moving into their new tent home, additional electric work will continue in the back of the building where a walk-in refrigerator/freezer space is being installed, as well as a cooking range.

When the tent opens to the public, 14 of the 16 available spaces will be occupied by your favorite Broad Street Market vendors, offering a wide variety of food, treats, and flowers. Some of the former brick building vendors were able to find new permament homes in the stone building, such as JB Kelly Seafood Connection and Goblin Alchemy. The reconfiguration of space will allow the new tent vendors to have space similar to what they had in the brick building, prior to the July 10 fire.

The progress on the tent would not be possible if not for a large donation made by the McClure Company, which provided approximately $65,000-$70,000 in parts and labor to provide plumbing to the tent structure, and the work of Carpenters Local 431 and all the union workers who donated time and labor to create walls for vendors’ stalls inside the tent.