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We only got one bid for plumbing and electric. Now what?

December 4, 2023

This is the first of what we hope are many blog posts designed to update the public on the Broad Street Market construction. Obviously, the hot topic right now is the construction of the tent, which will house displaced brick market vendors. The tent is up, and the bones of the building inside are ready to go. None of this would be possible without the immense help of our local union workers who dedicated their time, materials, and energy to constructing the woodwork inside the tent structure. The City of Harrisburg and Broad Street Market Alliance are incredibly grateful.

As many of you are aware by now, we have been at a stand-still since. In October, the City requested proposals using Keystone Purchasing Network and Gordian. The City went this route in an effort to speed up the process, as contractors who are registered with KPN and Gordian are pre-approved and certified. The Job Order Contracting procurement method through the KPN cooperative would focus on building and completing the structure as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, at this time, the plumbing and electrical scope cannot be accommodated by Gordian’s job order Contractor.

So what does that mean moving forward? The City is inviting contractors to submit plumbing and electrical bids to complete the project. It will be posted to PennBid in the next week or two. The city hopes to award the plumbing and electrical scope contracts in early 2024. This will open up the bidding pool to a number of additional potential contractors who are not registered with KPN or Gordian.

We still will not venture a completion time frame until contractors are working on the structure. Make no mistake though, the City of Harrisburg and Broad Street Market continue to move forward and are fully committed to getting this tent done as fast as contractors are available and state law allows us. We have to follow specific state procurement codes. I won’t bore you with lengthy statues but feel free to peruse these links at your convenience:

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