Every quarter of the year, you get to learn the latest about the city’s newest restaurants, fun recipes, and food safety tips. Now, you can digital download and check out the exciting and new Harrisburg Health newsletter from February-April 2024.

The latest edition gives you previews of Got Jerk Island Grill & Juice Bar, located at 1313 N. 2nd Street, Lily’s Bakery Coffee Shop at 35 S. 13th Street, and C-Town Market at 2446 N. 6th Street.

This newsletter edition also provides tips on how to keep your food and water safe during emergencies, like power outages and flooding. There are also food safety tips for upcoming holidays Passover and Easter.

February is American Heart Month, and you can learn more about empowering women’s health. March is National Nutrition Month, and we are providing advice on how to start your journey to healthier eating habits.

You can learn more about Breadcoin, a digital solution to hunger in Harrisburg. It is a concept drawing inspiration from cryptocurrency to help vanquish hunger. Watch a video about Breadcoin here:

Lastly, there is nothing better than providing your own home-cooked meal, and the newsletter provides an easy, hearty recipe for a 3-can chili!

The Harrisburg Health Newsletter is a product of the Harrisburg Health Office, operated by Nelva Wright – Health Officer, Jon Nelsen – Marketing/Health Inspector, and Tony Russo – Health Inspector.