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City of harrisburg logo

HARRISBURG –  The City of Harrisburg is launching an initiative to encourage people, businesses, and local government to prioritize local spending for products and services.  This campaign, known as “Choose Harrisburg” (#ChooseHBG), focuses on shifting more dining, purchasing, contracting, and investing to local entrepreneurs.  

“This is a wonderful initiative to support our small independent and diverse businesses here in the City,” said Mayor Eric Papenfuse. “By working together and spending local, we can all do our part to build an even brighter and stronger Harrisburg.” 

Businesses must meet all the following criteria to participate in the campaign:  

  • Located in the City of Harrisburg  
  • Have obtained the 2020 Business Privilege and Mercantile License  
  • 50 or less employees  
  • Be locally owned and controlled 

Participation will entitle each business to have their logo and contact information posted on the City of Harrisburg’s campaign webpage for the duration of the campaign and included in a weekly email digest delivered to #ChooseHBG newsletter subscribers.  

“A sustainable shift in where consumers are spending can provide a significant long-term boost to Harrisburg’s economy,” said Jamal Jones, Director of Business Development. “Our goal for the campaign is that businesses experience noticeable sales and revenue growth as a result of the increased visibility.”

Registration will run from July 20th to July 31st, and the campaign will run from August 3rd to August 28th. More information is available at harrisburgpa.gov/choosehbg