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HARRISBURG — The final three areas of milling and paving, of 17 the City of Harrisburg scheduled at the start of August, will conclude by the end of October. Once finished, it will mark the largest street paving project the city has completed in a three-month time frame.

On Monday, October 16, JVI Group Inc. milled Reily Street between 6th and 7th, and the southbound lane of 6th Street between Harris and Reily. The northbound lane had been recently paved as part of the construction for the Sylvia Rambo Federal Courthouse. JVI plans to mill 4th Street, between Division Street and Reels Lane, on Tuesday, October 17. Both areas in Uptown Harrisburg are scheduled to undergo fresh paving the week of Oct. 23-27.

Once completed, the City of Harrisburg, with the help of contracted groups at JVI and Shiloh Paving and Excavating, will have laid fresh pavement in 17 different locations throughout the city:

  • 17th Street, between State and Liberty
  • 15th Street, between 22 S. 15th and Market
  • 14th Street, between Derry and Mayflower
  • Chestnut Street, between 15th and 17th
  • 20th Street, between Bellevue and Cathedral
  • 21st Street, between Brookwood and Berryhill
  • Hale Street, between Magnolia and Rudy
  • Wayne Street, between 16th and 17th
  • Ione Street, between Wayne and Sycamore
  • 4th Street, between Division and Reels
  • Atlas Street, between Schyulkill and Seneca
  • Hamilton Street, between 3rd and 5th
  • Reily Street, eastbound lane between 7th and 6th
  • 6th Street, southbound lane between Boyd and Reily
  • Intersection of 20th & Zarker
  • Intersection of 20th & Chestnut
  • Intersection of 21st & Chestnut

“Paving equals progress, and what we are seeing starting today is the start of a new Harrisburg,” Mayor Williams said in August. “One with freshly paved streets, where our cars and bikes can safely travel, and our neighborhoods can take pride in.”

In the recent past, paving projects have been contracted out by the city to outside companies. However, Harrisburg Public Works has been able to grow and maintain its previously depleted staff, and add the necessary equipment to complete the jobs themselves.

All work done by City of Harrisburg employees was completed by union workers belonging to AFSCME Local 521.

“We are proudly investing in our union workforce to get the job done,” Mayor Williams said. “Anyone who knows me knows I have been pro-union my entire life. Our union workers make this city tick, and I am proud to stand behind them as they help beautify our streets and make them safer.”

The City of Harrisburg will look to pave even more streets once construction season begins again in April 2024.