{HARRISBURG} — Harrisburg Police swears in two officers, promotes five at its semiannual ceremony Thursday at the Whitaker Center.

Thursday’s ceremony marks the start of a journey for new Officers Zachary Donmoyer and Solomon Myers. After being sworn in by Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams and Commissioner Tom Carter, the two will begin their six-month police academy training at Harrisburg Area Community College next week.

“I know that each young man or woman who raises their hand to protect the City of Harrisburg, our city becomes just a little bit safer,” said Harrisburg Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams.

The addition of Officers Donmoyer and Myers brings the current total of sworn, uniformed officers to 136 entering the 2024 calendar year. The City of Harrisburg hopes to reach an allotment of 162 by the end of the year, which includes vacancies for 14 additional police cadets, two sergeants, one corporal, one lieutenant, a forensic investigator, a detective, and a new Deputy Police Chief.

On Thursday, Deputy Chief Dennis Sorensen was honored for his 32 years of service with the Harrisburg Bureau of Police. He is set to retire on January 10.

“One of the reasons my words fall short today is because there is no other Dennis Sorensen,” said Commissioner Carter. “The City of Harrisburg and its citizens will sorely miss him.”

Harrisburg Police also include a budgeted 28 non-uniformed civilian workers, with three vacancies among those employees.

In addition, five officers were promoted to higher ranks. They are, in order of rank:

  • Sgt. Antwyn Chatman
  • Cpr. Andrew Cortelazzi
  • Cpr. Anthony Cummings
  • Cpr. Farida Kingsboro
  • Cpr. Chad McGowan

Bios for all new and promoted officers are listed below.

“As police officers when you go through trianing, you are taught to treat people fair and impartial. Unfortunately, right now in this country, that is a hard thing to do, but Harrisburg Police do it well, and that makes me proud,” Commissioner Carter said. “We cannot stop every crime or every homicide, but our officers do an exceptional job, and last year was one of our lowest homicide rates.”

Harrisburg Police recorded 13 homicides in the city in 2023, down from 23 the year before.

Meet Harrisburg’s Newest Police Officers

Ofc. Zachary Domoyer

Officer Zachary T. Donmoyer was born in Harrisburg, PA, and raised in Jonestown, PA. He graduated from Northern Lebanon High School, and attended Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. After college, he was hired by Frederick County Fire and Rescue in Maryland. While deciding to move back home to Pennsylvania to pursue a law enforcement career, he worked for Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources before being hired by Harrisburg Bureau of Police. He currently lives in Jonestown, PA, with his two dogs and fiancée.

Officer Solomon J. Myers was born and raised in Mount

Ofc. Solomon Myers

Joy, PA. In 2018, he graduated from high school, and started working as a foreman in roofing, as well as
establishing a career in carpentry. Following five years of construction, he applied to work for the Harrisburg City Police Department after a lifelong dream of working in law enforcement.
In 2022, Solomon married his wife Mackenzie, and they have two sons together. He credits his salvation and all of his blessings in life to Jesus Christ.

Meet Harrisburg’s Newly Promoted Officers

Sgt. Antwyn Chatman

Sergeant Antwyn Tyrone Chatman was born and raised in Chicago, IL. His law enforcement career began when he joined the Harrisburg Bureau of Police in July of 2005. Over the course of his career, Sergeant Chatman has worked in the Uniformed Patrol Division, Community Policing Unit, and HUD. As a Harrisburg City resident, he is committed to being a positive image for the bureau. Sergeant Chatman is married to his beautiful wife, Katrina, and has three (3) wonderful children, Shakiva, Jacob, Antwyn Elijah, and an amazing grandson, Marcel. He attributes his humble approach to leadership and dedication to his Faith in God.

Corporal Andrew Cortelazzi was born and raised in the Harrisburg area. Corporal Cortelazzi began his police career in 2012 before joining The Harrisburg Bureau of Police in 2018. His tenure with the Harrisburg Police has mainly been on the 3rd Platoon, Uniformed Patrol Division. In this role, he served as a Field Training Officer, Patrol Rifle Operator, and assisted with background investigations. He has also completed two assignments on the Street Crimes Unit, and actively assists with the in-house training of new officers. Corporal Cortelazzi is a graduate of Top Gun Narcotics School Class 22, Swat School through the Pennsylvania National Tactical Officers Association, and holds numerous other trainings relevant to narcotics investigations. He is looking forward to his new role within the Bureau.

Cpr. Anthony Cummings

Corporal Anthony Cummings was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and raised in Mount joy, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Donegal High School in 2005. Corporal Cummings was a paramedic and a Deputy Game Warden prior to becoming a Police Officer with the
Harrisburg Bureau of Police in July of 2017. During his time with the Harrisburg Bureau of Police, Corporal Cummings has become a patrol forensic officer, field training officer, and a Detective for the Harrisburg Bureau of Police Criminal Investigation Division, Adult Offender Section. He is also an instructor for first aide/CPR and defensive tactics, and is a member of the Dauphin County Crisis Response team.

Cpr. Farida Kingsboro

Corporal Farida Kingsboro was born and raised overseas, and is the first Middle Eastern hire of Egyptian descent at
the Harrisburg Bureau of Police. She served as a medic in the Army where she achieved the rank of sergeant and spent one year on a combat deployment in Afghanistan. Corporal Kingsboro started with Harrisburg in 2018 as a midnight shift officer on 1st platoon, before moving to 3rd platoon in 2023. She assisted in the advancement of new officers as a Field Training Officer and as an instructor at the police academy. Corporal Kingsboro is one of the Bureau’s tactical medicine instructors, a Patrol Rifle Operator, a member of the Honor Guard, and a negotiator with the Dauphin County Crisis Response Team. In addition, she speaks 3 languages and has completed two career developments with the Street Crimes Unit and the Criminal Investigations Division.

Cpr. Chad McGowan

Corporal Chad McGowan was raised in Dallastown, Pennsylvania. In 2009, he graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Corporal McGowan began his career as a police officer in the Pocono’s before joining the ranks of the Harrisburg Bureau of Police in 2013. During his tenure at HPD, he has been assigned to both the Street Crimes Unit and the Uniformed Patrol Division. Corporal McGowan comes from a large family where he is a proud son, brother, and uncle. In October 2023, he proposed to his fiancé in Leavenworth, Washington. The newly engaged couple are very excited for their wedding and future together