Bureau of PArks Maintenance

About Us

The Bureau of Parks Maintenance maintains the grounds of all City-owned and operated parks and playgrounds including over 530 acres of parkland, grounds adjacent to occupied buildings and 15 miles of right-of-way containing over 2,500 street trees.

The work performed by the Bureau includes routine and preventative maintenance, as well as repairs and special projects. Staff performs site repair, turf and grounds preservation, support of Parks and Recreation programs, limited construction and coordination for volunteer and youth work groups. Work is prioritized to address safety and high community use areas. Support is also provided to the Bureau of Parks and Recreation on an as-needed basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Street Tree Inspection form?

For more information, please visit our Trees page

A restroom is in disrepair at one of the parks. Who do I contact?

The Parks Maintenance Staff maintains all restroom facilities located in our parks.  The restrooms are cleaned and checked daily.  If you see something broken, lighting that does not work, overflowing trash cans or any other issue that needs attention, please submit a Help Desk ticket or call 3-1-1 or 717-255-3040 and the issue will be documented and brought to our attention for remediation.

Who do I contact if I see illegal activity occurring in a park?