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Parking Enforcement increase tickets on vehicles which park on sidewalks throughout the city

(HARRISBURG) – If you are caught sidewalk parking in Harrisburg, public safety officials have a message for you: You will pay.

City of Harrisburg Parking Enforcement will begin to regularly issue tickets to vehicles which park along city sidewalks. The act of parking on sidewalks is a violation of Chapter 3, Section 121.3 of the City Code, which states in part, “The operator of a vehicle shall not…park a vehicle at any place between the curbline or property line of any street.”

Enforcement will be increasing, beginning on Monday, March 18.

The decision to crack down comes after community engagement conversations, led by Public Safety Chairman on Harrisburg City Council Lamont Jones, and Captain Russell Winder of the Harrisburg Bureau of Police’s Community Services Division. Sidewalk parking in Harrisburg leads to considerable safety concerns with forcing people to walk on the street, which also leads to ADA accessibility issues.

“After listening to the concerns of our residents about the ongoing parking issues in the city of Harrisburg, to ensure the safety and accessibility of pedestrians and residents, I will continue to work effectively and collectively with city government on the concerns of citizens in the great city of Harrisburg,” said Councilman Jones.

In addition to serving tickets to violating vehicles, Harrisburg City Code allows for additional enforcement, every hour of which a car is not moved. Chapter 3, Section 131.11 states that “There shall be a separate unlawful parking charge of $30 for each consecutive separate period of one hour during which such unlawful parking continues.”

City of Harrisburg Community Services Aides (CSAs) will go door-to-door throughout the city, leaving fliers on car windshields and talking to residents outside and at their homes, reminding everyone that it is illegal to park on city sidewalks.  

“Upon driving through the Hill section of the City, it was painfully clear that the parking situation is completely out of hand,” noted Capt. Winder. “It’s our hope that by passing out the literature, and taking the time to explain and answer any questions, our residents would appreciate the super advanced notice and start to park accordingly, legally.”