About Us

The Sanitation Division of Public Works is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste for over 20,000 households and businesses in the City of Harrisburg.

Residents are assigned a designated date for their garbage and recycling collections.  These dates are updated periodically throughout the year to accommodate City holidays and furlough days.

The Department of Public Works is dedicated to improving recycling service to residents and increasing the amount of recyclables collected and recovered in the most cost effective manner possible. Recycling conserves natural resources and landfill space, supports jobs, and saves the City money. Every ton recycled saves the City and its residents money on avoided landfill disposal fees and through revenues gained from sale of the recyclables.

Contact Us

1820 Paxton St.
Harrisburg, PA 17103
Phone: 311
Email: rnye@cityofhbg.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my trash collection day?

Click here to download the trash collection and recycling service route map to determine your day for trash and recycling pickup.

Who do I speak with about my monthly trash utility bill?

Please call 311 to speak with our helpdesk about your trash utility bill. Your information will be logged in a open ticket and sent to our Trash Billing Coordinator for answers. Typical response time is 24-48 hours with a resolution to your question.

I'd like to have a bulk item picked up. How do I do that?

Residents can now put one bulk item out with their trash each week for free pickup. If you want more than one thing collected at a time or  have an unusual item, please contact us by email or opening a support ticket and a Sanitation Supervisor will reply with costs and options.

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Please place the following items in your City recycling bin for collection:


  • Newspaper, magazines, phone books
  • Office paper of all types welcome
  • Junk mail
  • Cartons (milk cartons and juice boxes-no straws, please)
  • Paperback books
  • Paper bags
  • Cereal and food boxes and other brown paper (remove all plastic packaging)
  • Please put all loose or shredded paper into clear plastic bags or paper grocery bags


  • Avoid food-stained or wax-coated boxes
  • Flatten all boxes, get rid of all packaging materials from inside
  • Please stack it neatly at the curbside; please tie it up if possible

PLASTIC (containers labeled 1 through 7)

  • Bottles: water, juice, soda, milk, ketchup, mustard, shampoo, detergent – please remove caps!
  • Tubs: Yogurt, cottage cheese, margarine
  • Rinse it please – to prevent odors and pests

ALUMINUM and STEEL Containers

  • Empty and rinse, please
  • Tin cans and food containers, soda cans, EMPTY aerosol spray bottles
  • Empty paint cans (if you can’t use up the old paint, fill the can with kitty litter, let it dry, then put the litter in the trash and recycle the can)


Please put these in your City trash bin, and keep them out of the recycling bin:

  • Glass—bottles, jars, glasses, windows, mirrors, and ceramics
  • Food
  • Food-soiled paper and plastic
  • Shipping or padded envelopes
  • Plastic food wrappers
  • Plastic packaging of any type
  • Wet papers or cardboard
  • Wax-coated cardboard
  • Used paper towels or tissues
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic tableware (knives, forks, etc.)
  • Light bulbs & christmas lights
  • Plastic Bags (including grocery bags)
  • Hoses
  • Yard waste including leaves, grass, branches, etc: Do not place with your trash. A separate truck will pickup yard waste at the FRONT OF YOUR PROPERTY ON STREET CLEANING DAYS. Please collect yard waste into compost bags. Please tie branches no more than 4 feet long in a bundle. For more information, call 311
  • Do not put construction waste including drywall, cement, bricks, stone, dirt, or soil in your trash. These materials should be bagged and dropped off to the Harrisburg Incincerator.