This morning, the City hosted a pre-bid plumbing meeting held at tent for prospective plumbing contractors. One plumbing company was in attendance, as well as a representative of Gordian, which is a job order contracting service provider. We are hopeful that Gordian will work with one of their plumbing contractors through the Keystone Purchasing Network to submit a proposal. There is no guarantee this will happen, so it is possible that one – or both – will back out and not submit. However, we are hopeful this will not happen.

Bids are due January 25 at 11pm and the City plans to unseal bids on January 26, as schedules allow.

You can view the plumbing opportunity on the PennBid procurement site here.

In related news, the City is working with KCS Electric LLC on collecting required contract documents, but a contract is not yet executed. We will provide an update as the contracting phase progresses.

Thank you,

Matt Maisel
Communications Director, City of Harrisburg

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The City of Harrisburg seeks plumbing contractor bids for the Broad Street Market Temporary structure. All questions about the meaning and intent of the solicitation referenced must be submitted in writing through

IFB Details are available at:

Office of Purchasing – City of Harrisburg (