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We keep up on social webs and what is being said about the Broad Street Market and the city’s involvement. That is why it’s important every now and then to provide a Broad Street Market FAQ: Everything You Need to Know updating what is going on.

Here is a compiled list of questions and answers from what we have seen circulating on Facebook and Twitter/X of late. Remember, as always, you can write in with your own question and we will answer it! Just click on this link: https://laserfiche.harrisburgpa.gov/Forms/Broad-Street-Market-Questions

When is the electrician starting to work on the tent?
The good news is, we have an electrician to run wires and cables throughout the tent structure at 3rd & Verbeke, which will temporarily replace the brick building which burned down in the July 10 fire. However, the contract is still being processed because we are still working with KCS Electric LLC on collecting required documents. Once we get the contract in hand, they will work with the City of Harrisburg Facilities team to start work as quickly as possible.

Did you guys find a plumber yet?
We don’t have a plumber signed, sealed, and delivered, but we have a few options to choose from and we are confident plumbing will not have to go back up for public bid. We are hopeful to move forward on the contract portion of the plumber process in the coming days.

Why are you getting donations if you’re supposed to have insurance on the building?
The City of Harrisburg is not, and has not received any formal monetary donations from the public. The donations you are likely referring to, such as the $30,000 recently donated by the William Penn Social Association all go towards the Broad Street Market Alliance to help with building maintenance, keeping the lights on, and ensuring vendors have a place to operate. The City of Harrisburg did receive volunteer work courtesy the Carpenters Union Local 431, which volunteered an approximate $40,000 of manpower and work time to complete woodwork inside the tent.

How much insurance money does the City of Harrisburg have to use on the tent and brick building reconstruction?
In November, Harrisburg City Council moved $4.378 million from insurance into the city’s general fund, designated for use on the Broad Street Market reconstruction. This money was carried over into the 2024 budget. The city will receive more insurance money once future costs are assessed in the inside of the brick building.

When will the brick building start to see work and why is it taking so long?
As soon as the City of Harrisburg hires a construction manager and architect. We couldn’t take control of the brick building until mid-November due to insurance companies still needing to do work inside. The city has already sought out the services of a construction-focused law firm to over see drafting a scope of work to hire a construction manager. Once a construction manager is hired, they will hire an architect and work will begin. Part of the reason this process is taking so long is because the Broad Street Market is on the National Registry of Historic Places, and drafting a scope of work to rebuild the historic brick building must follow an extensive list of guidelines.

What happens to the land the tent is located after the brick building reopens?
The City of Harrisburg has entered into an agreement in principle with the landowner, who has provided the City use of the plot for free. Beyond two years, the City is still in discussion with the landowner on terms of a lease. It will be up to the landowner’s discretion what future plans hold.

Is the Broad Street Market going to be able to stay open?
The City of Harrisburg shares the belief with the Broad Street Market Alliance that the Market will be able to stay open and thrive despite the current challenging financial times. On January 31, the Board of Directors, with vendor representatives, unanimously passed a plan to raise rents by 25%, far below the initial 100% rent raise proposal. The Market has also idenitified numerous other cost-cutting measures, and has received help from local utility companies and the City of Harrisburg in deferring utility payments. A press release on the Board’s recent decision can be found here.

When is the tent opening?
While we cannot give a specific date yet since electric and plumbing work has not yet started, we do believe it is on pace, assuming no more delays, to open in the spring time.

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